Dog Training – Everything You Need to Know!

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Training a dog perfectly is a balance between love and discipline. You can be a new dog owner or an experienced one both the situations can be uncertain when training a dog. Although it’s not hard to train a dog because most species of dogs are highly trainable you just need to educate yourself how to train particular species. Training a dog requires utmost patience and control on your behavior as well. Dogs are sensitive and can easily read your body language, expressions, and hand gestures, they even know the varying tone of your voice so be certain about them. That is why you need to know how not make them feel threatened. Misinterpreting behavior or miscommunication can cause your dog to be distant, aggressive or irresponsive towards your command.

When you begin to train your dog to take it as fun rather than responsibility if you are having fun your dog will enjoy and respond well. Also, understand that it’s not just your will to train your dog it is also up to the dog to be enthusiastic to learn a particular skill so it needs to be a two what communication. See what your dog is more into and teach it accordingly.

Dog training needs to be balanced with love and discipline, too much love and no discipline will turn him into an alpha dog while too much discipline and little or no love will also cause an irrational behavior.

In training your dog kindness and attention always wins, when you are stern and strict towards training the dog you might cause it to be distant. A dog psychology is similar to an infant psychology so you need to be very careful not to hurt its feeling. You need to begin by building your trust and then lead your training once your dog begins to obey you. Even when the trust is built you need to maintain it by respecting its feelings. Build a communication where the dog responds to your command out of love rather than being attracted towards the treat and perform the trick for it.

One another important aspect in dog training is the use of its name when you are training your dog instead of starting out by dismissal or command begin with its name. For example instead of saying go get it ‘spot’ say ‘spot’ go get it, or ‘spot’ roll over.