Dog Training Problems that Most Pet Owners Encounter and How to eliminate them

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When it comes to training a dog it doesn’t always turn out how you expect it to be. It is natural for the dog to behave irrationally to an unfamiliar person or another pet. Common irrational behaviors of dogs can growl on an unfamiliar person, passers-by or any unsocial behavior. It is important to train your pet to be social and responsive towards you even in presence of other unfamiliar people or distractions. You would want to be in control of any irrational behavior it might respond in public. For doing that you need to train it as per the situations you might encounter in public.

Here are few common behavior problems a dog owner encounters and what they should do to alter it.

Nipping and biting

A new dog or a puppy is prone to bite or nip on to yourself or others although it’s a normal behavior for a new puppy but there is always a message behind it. When your puppy starts mouthing, ask yourself why it might be doing it. Most of the times they act like this for attention, they might feel hungry, thirsty, and sleepy or want to play with you. If there is no reason for this behavior and he starts biting you need to be a bit stern with your voice and make a glaring eye contact for about a second or two, enough to give it a message without scaring it. You can also give it a time out by putting it in one place and allow it to cool down without giving permission to move.

Jumping on people

If your dog growls, threatens or lunges over other people you need to understand the reason behind it to alter its irrational behavior. It might be the effect of an unpleasant experience which has caused an injury or illness, an aggressive behavior is the result of harm and if prolonged it becomes a habit. Thus you need to cure the illness or the injury to get the aggression in place. Take it to an experienced vet without delay to get any injury inspected. Even most experienced dog owners can misinterpret its aggression and so don’t believe that your dog will not act to its threat.

Chewing on stuff

One of the most common irrational behavior of a new dog or mostly puppy is to chew on stuff they come across at home. Although its natural but can be dangerous for both itself and the owner and so you need to act up to alter it. First, you need to keep away anything you don’t want the dog to chew on away from its reach meanwhile you need to train it as well. When you see it chewing on stuff, take it away from your dog immediately with a stern ‘NO’, warn it when you see it approaching your stuff.

Led by the leash

Sometimes you are being pulled by your dog and it seems like you are the one on the leash, it’s alright if it’s occasionally done but if it’s a common habit you need to alter it. When you go for a walk and it starts pulling you, command it to sit and tell him the walk will resume only when it calms down.